Joining the long list of women swearing by former U.S. President Bill Clinton’’s sex appeal is actress Gillian Anderson, who says shes also discovered the secret behind his charisma lingering eye contact.

When the X-Files star met Clinton recently, she couldnt help but fall under his spell, and now she vouches that every women he meets experiences the same thing.

Anderson met the former White House resident during an appearance on The Late Show in America on July 28.

“We all, mostly women, lined up. And when he gets to you, he takes your hand and makes eye contact. After he leaves and he moves on to the next person, he looks back at you and seals the deal, Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

She added: “When I got home, I expected to have a message from him, and I didn”t. I bet women across America expect it too.”

Clinton has been touted as a ladies” man after his White House sex scandal with intern Monica Lewinsky.