KATHMANDU: UCPN-M Central Committee member Tika Bikram Hamal along with two other party leaders --Govind Singh Mahara and Raktim Lama-- on Satarday declared their renouncement of the United CPN-Maoist and their subsequent entry to the Revolutionary Left Wing (LRW).

"I [have] relinquished the party. Not that I had not been loyal to it [the party]," said Hamal at a press meet in the capital. He argued that the party leadership was displaying a paradoxical character. “Apparently, [the party] opposes imperialism [the US]. Inside, [the party] is reluctant to build ties with progesssive nations such as Russia, Cuba, China and North Korea," rued Hamal.

Mani Thapa stressed on the continuity of the "people's war" and called on all revolutionary forces to unite for the “third” mass uprising.

Hamal had joined the the Unified Maoist only last year.