Dead line is must for a proper goal setting. Sometimes particularly in work place dead lines create an undue pressure and anxiety within you. And chances are, you cannot count the number of times you have woken up sweating a deadline — even ones that are easy to meet. So how can you handle the pressure — real and imagined — of deadlines? Here are a few tips on handling the dreaded D-word.

1. Deadlines are like money — once they are negotiated they are hard to renegotiate. Therefore, even if you think you can meet a proposed deadline with little problem, it is best to win yourself a little extra time during the initial negotiation. Ask for an extra day or week or month, whatever is appropriate to the work you do and the scope of the project. Think of the extra time as insurance should an emergency arise or if job becomes inexplicably complex.

2. Every big project, and even the small ones, can be similarly reduced to manageable elements. It takes discipline and you won’t always hit the mark, but each day you will feel like you have done a good day’s work — the right amount of work — even when there is plenty left to be done.

3. There is nothing quite like a little productivity to battle the deadline blues. At some point the work will have to be done. You have surely read enough elsewhere about procrastination. Suffice it to say you have got to stop daydreaming, queuing outside the coffee room, chatting non-stop over the phone, and get working.

4. Reward Yourself. Naturally, you are fully motivated by the work you are doing.
If you meet your deadline at time do reward yourself by treating with good
lunch, taking off early for something you enjoy. Remember if you reward yourself more you are more motivated but take leisure to do your reward stuff while you are trying to meet deadline just for a break.

5. Insanity is not a business strategy. If you work like the devil, you can meet any deadline. But how about the next deadline and the one after that? Set your deadlines and approach your work with the understanding that you have a life and you need to have the energy and motivation to continue working long after your latest project is done.