KATHMANDU: The evening was a complete delight for young hip-hop lovers gathered at the green grounds of Alliance Francaise Kathmandu as the Hip-Hop Day immensely thrilled them, on the third day of International Music Week, which was celebrated on June 22. As many as 20 hip-hop bands and rappers along with around five hip-hop dance groups displayed their breath-taking performances.

Hip-hop musical journey began with the melodious fusion of didgeridoo by Salil Kainka and beat-boxing by Nishant Gaushan, as the crowd applauded, till the next performer rapper SYK hit the stage. Then it was Nepal B-Boys (Junior) who astonished the huge number of audiences with their B-boying moves while few in the audience gave them company by showing their dance steps. Immediately after the juniors, Nepal B-Boys (Senior) added more spice to the event by performing various exciting moves like head spin, wind mill, Nike freeze, bounce, swipe, pop-in, locking, crumping and many more steps individually and as a group.

As the temperature was continuously rising, the most awaited soft drizzle showered gently encouraging performers on stage and audiences to dance even some more. For an hour or less the shower accompanied the event while the crowd was busy giving company to the various emerging rap bands and Hip-hop dance groups. Doom Squad another hip-hop dance group, performed two dance items gaining a huge round of applause from the crowd.

Besides that singing and dancing by different groups on the same stage was also held. In the middle of the event, emceeing, a kind of rap, without music where performers argue with each other as if they are going to fight, was also presented. Even some interested ones from the audience got to take part in it which was an additional attraction. Mafia Boys, an emerging hip-hop band gave a dashing performance chiefly incorporating satire and messages. The performers basically entertained the young crowd with their own creations in Nepali and English, and a few international numbers. The presence of such a large number of youngsters in the event proves the craze of hip-hop culture among youngsters in Kathmandu. After the well-appreciated performances by emerging bands and dance groups, Nepsydaz and Nirnaya DA NSK also thrilled the youngsters in the later part of the event with their popular numbers.

The festival will continue till June 27.