Katie Holmes has blasted media reports showing her as the meek and mild wife of superstar Tom Cruise, and has made clear that she’s not just Mrs. Cruise”.

The actress has hit out at suggestions claiming that she has lost control of her life since marrying Cruise in 2006 and is tired of reports portraying her as a wallflower.

There’s a misperception about me that I just became this wallflower, this woman who doesn’t have any control of her life. And that’s pretty wrong. From the very beginning, I’ve made choices in my life that have been very strong, Contactmusic.com quoted her as telling in the upcoming issue of the New York Times Style Magazine.

The 29-year-old actress also dismissed rumours that the romance is a sham, insisting she was smitten with her husband on their first meeting only.

“When I met Tom I was completely in love and, yes, I admired him growing up – he is Tom Cruise! When I met him, he was so warm and I thought, “Wow! You can be a superstar and a human being.” He made me feel so amazing, she said