KATHMANDU: The Horlicks WizKids 2009 by Krayon begins on September 4 at Nepal Academy Hall. According to a statement issued by Horlicks, each student participant will participate through the school route and core competitions in the preliminary rounds, which will include music melody, folk dance, English story writing, painting and elocution rounds.
More than 1,200 students from 50 schools will be showcasing their talents in the event that aims to present the overall personality of the students, their ability to communicate, think, be creative, sensitive, solve problems and handle stress.
The winners of the WizTeam 2009 from different South
Asian countries will come together in Bangalore, where the grand finale of WizTeam South Asia, 2009 will be held in November. Top two students will be selected as WizTeam South Asia 2009 on the basis of several rounds and evaluation procedures. They will represent
Asia at an International Youth Initiative.