You’ve seen her do her number in Kunidu Kunidu Baare, you’ve seen her cry in Taj Mahal and now you’ll even get to hear the real Pooja Gandhi.

It’s been just a year since she arrived in Sandalwood and in spite of being a non-Kanndiga, namma Pooja has been garnering much appreciation. In addition to her films, the actress has also been working hard to learn Kannada — she’s even giving TV interviews in the language — and her fans admire her for it.

And now Pooja’s going a step further and is dubbing for the first time for her forthcoming film, Ninagaagi Kadiruve, also starring Vishal Hegde. “I’ve always wanted to dub for myself. But I wanted to get the diction and pronunciations right before I ventured into dubbing. I think I’m ready now, but since I want to be perfect at my job, I’m also training with a diction expert,” says Pooja.

She has been dubbing for the past five days and is scheduled to wrap up in another 10 days. “I’ve improved with each day and now I feel like a complete actress. My director Jolly Bastin and his team come to encourage me everyday and have been really patient with me. I’d like to dub for all my films,” says the excited actress.