Sameera Reddy is deliriously happy. She is secure in the knowledge that while Race happened to be a block buster, it was no small feat that her comic interludes with Anil Kapoor were appreciated by the audience. “

Touch wood,” she says, “I am where I wanted to be all along — I am being recognised for the work that I am doing.”Soon enough, the youngest of the Reddy sister will be donning the avatar of a judge for a television reality show. “I think SRK and Salman Khan have made it inevitable for actors like us to be a part of television. It’s an exciting medium.” But she quickly adds, “My main focus will continue to be films. On television, I will be judging the participants’ presentation and dressing along with Mahesh Bhatt and Ganesh Hegde. But that’s just about it.”

She admits that One Two Three did not click with the audience and that sometimes actors can only just act, the onus lies on the director to make a good film. “I hope to do more comic roles, but can’t comment on which films I have signed now. Producers would not want me to talk about it.”

Sameera is also vocal about the fact that she hates to be slotted into a category. “It’s not that you have to do ‘item’ numbers first and then graduate to getting better roles. Today, an actress does everything. I am happy with what I have got so far. I have never attempted to deny my ‘sexy image’ on-screen, but that’s not the only way to define me,” she says.

There is definitely a life beyond films for Sameera. She is helping her father in his business and often makes trips to the city for work. “Ahmedabad is a great city. Although a quiet city, there is a certain kind of buzz which is hard to miss,” says Sameera, who loves watching television with her family and enjoys a hair oil massage from her mother whenever she is home.

We can’t resist asking her about her alleged link-up with cricketer Ishant Sharma. She laughs a little and says, “I was promoting Kolkata Knight Riders during the IPL season, since SRK is a great friend and during this time, I happened to meet Ishant. But I never met him alone. I wonder how this story got cooked up.”

Her parents are very keen on her settling down with a South Indian man and that too, in an arranged marriage but Sameera feels she can never “settle for an arranged marriage. I need someone who understands me and respects my work”. Sam sure has a life beyond films and she gets ready to have lunch with her dad.