SK Jha: To be declared beautiful all the time…is that a burden?

KK: Beauty is a matter of perception. Honestly and truly, it’s an individual opinion. I may be beautiful to some, not to others. I feel beautiful when I am beautiful for somebody…I came to the industry from the outside. I lived a part of my life outside the country. People have been extremely generous in accepting me. I had a lot to learn in terms of ambience and working style.

Q: Do you find yourself a misfit?

A: I don’t think so. Bollywood is very welcoming to those who are willing to work hard. It did take me a while to acclimatise myself. Everyone knows what happened with my first film, Boom…I think I’ve actually started to work only now.

Q: Why did you do Boom as your first film?

A: It was sheer ignorance about cinema and a general awareness on how to pick projects. Once I stayed on, I learnt how to go about it. Very frankly, I wasn’t that interested in acting. I was happy doing modelling.

After Boom I did two South Indian films. They served their purpose. They prepared me to take on a career in Hindi movies again…Anyway, Boom had Mr Bachchan. And we all took comfort in his presence. If his judgement could go wrong, I was just a novice.

I think Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya would be considered my first real step into Bollywood. I did it with my eyes open.

Q: Are you happy with Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya?

A: Very happy. David Dhawan is simple and sweet. I was asked all sorts of questions about my motives for doing it, about why I was doing a film with two leading ladies.

Even when it came out amid all the controversies (the alleged Salman-Aishwarya tapes) it became a hit. If it had been a film made with any less positivity it might not have survived the flak.

Q: Do you get embarrassed by such sticky situations?

A: My friends laugh at me for being an incorrigible dreamer. I never bother with what’s going on in other people’s lives. I don’t involve myself with such issues. They’ve nothing to do with me. From the outside people can judge a situation as they like.

What they see needn’t be the truth. I’m suspicious of people trying to create unnecessary controversies. I can’t allow other people to stand judgement over my life. If I did, I’d be a miserable person. Just because I’m in the glamour industry people tend to make assumptions about how I live.

But I’m a simple person. I like nice and simple people. The fact that I’ve started enjoying acting just helps me to focus more on the positive people

Q: How do you fob off the interest in your private life?

A: You know the nice thing is, they’ve come to know me by now. They know I don’t like people prying into my life. They know it makes me uncomfortable. They respect it. Others may be comfortable talking about their lives. It works for them. Not me.

Some media-persons find me difficult because they can’t get across to me. I admire my colleagues who can talk about anything under the sun at any time. I’ve to prepare myself.