RAUTAHAT: Age-old prejudices still rule the roost, despite efforts to empower women and liberate them economically and socially. In a marked example of gender discrimination, 20-year-old Raj Kumari Thakur, a resident of Dumariya VDC 5 in Rautahat district and mother of two daughters, has been consigned to the doghouse for her inability to provide her husband a male heir.
Her husband Nevi Thakur Hajam kicked her out of the house and shut the door on her face. Seeking justice, a distraught Raj Kumari is haunting the office of the Community Service Committee in the district headquarters, Gaur.
Speaking at a press meet here today, Thakur said her family members had been torturing her mentally and physically for the last five years for not giving birth to a son. “They beat me up mercilessly last Friday and I managed to flee from the village with help of some villagers,” she sobbed.
Raj Kumari, a native of Basantapur-5 in Bara district, tied the knot with Nevi Thakur in 1998 when she was only eight years old. Saying that her in-laws started torturing her after she gave birth to a girl five years ago, Raj Kumari added, “They tortured me even more after I gave birth to a second girl.”
Earlier, she lived in her parents’ house for three years when she could not bear the torture back at her in-laws’ house. She, however, again went to live with her husband four months ago after he promised to look after her and provide her all she needed.
“They even denied me food after I protested my husband’s plan to marry another girl,” she said. “I used to feed my daughters with food I brought from my parents’ home.”
Saying that only her old
father remains at her
parents’ home, she said, “My brothers have also gone away for foreign employment and there is nobody to listen to my problems and help me.”
Community Service Committee chairperson Shanti Subedi said her office had sent a letter to the Area Police Office, Dumarwana, asking it to arrest the culprits at the earliest. “We will provide justice to the victim at any cost,” she said.
Stating that a woman has nothing to do when it comes to the sex of a child, legal practitioner Dilip Koirala
said, “Legal action should be taken against Raj Kumari’s husband and his parents.”