Kay Kay Menon, one of the finest actors in Bollywood, was paired opposite sex siren Kangana to do a lovemaking scene. He faltered and was nervous. He has done all kind of roles with equal ease and comfort before.

Kay Kay Menon plays a businessman who has an extra-marital affair with Kangana in the film Metro. Kay Kay got extremely nervous while performing a steamed-up, lovemaking scene, something that was an integral part of the narrative. Kangana, on the other hand, was at ease.

Kangana shares a very comfortable relationship with Anurag Basu and attributes her acting skills to him. She has confidence that Anurag would shoot the intimate scenes between Kay Kay Menon and her very aesthetically. From day one, no one was worried about shooting these intimate scenes.

Anurag Basu laughed and added, "Every actor is a bit nervous shooting intimate scenes. I am very nervous as a director shooting such sequences. Metro is a film which demands such a sequence between Kay Kay and Kangana.

The story is about Kay Kay who is married to Shilpa but is having an extra-marital affair with Kangana. To establish their relationship, this sequence was crucial to the film."

When contacted Kay Kay chose to rubbish the news and says, "I was not nervous at all as by now, I am quite the veteran with so much experience behind me. The scene was shot aesthetically and it is not a big deal at all. I think we all should stop giving so much importance about having a lovemaking scene."