Kashmira Shah and her American husband Brad Listermann are giving their marriage a second chance.

Their marriage had been on the rocks since October last year. The main bone of contention between them was the place where they wanted to settle. Kashmira, being a Bollywood actress, wanted to settle in Mumbai, while Brad wanted to settle in Los Angeles where his business is based.

Differences of opinions increased and Kashmira came to Mumbai in June this year. She began acting an a low-budget film called Pappu Paas Ho Gaya during which she developed some intimacy with the movie’s hero Krishna, who is Govinda’s nephew.

While her closeness to Krishna increased, she appeared on the TV show Bigg Boss where she confessed to being in love with Krishna. But Kashmira’s confession may have been staged to add some excitement to the show.

It was when she was dropped from the show did Kashmira called her husband Brad Listermann and told him that she wanted to make her marriage with him work.

Kashmira says that living in the Bigg Boss’s house with other men made her realize how classy and gentleman her husband was.

After that, Kashmira flew to LA where the couple sorted out their differences and began living as husband and wife again. For the time being they are not raising the LA-Mumbai issue.

Today Brad and Kashmira both admit that they are still very much in love with each other.