Recently many tabloids claimed that Salman and Katrina have split and gone their separate ways. However Kats has always refrained from commenting on her personal life with Salman. But a forthright Katrina recently said “If a woman is not married or engaged, she is single.” Katrina also claimed that since she was neither engaged nor married, she too was single. When Katrina was questioned whether her on-screen chemistry with co-star Akshay Kumar was one of the reasons for her split she stated “That’s a very silly speculation.”

Katrina is also tired of listening to buzz that Salman has promoted her career in bollywood and that he keeps recommending her to filmmakers. But in reply to this Katrina claims that she has also worked with filmmakers who are not close to Salman. One of the other reasons for a rift in the Sallu-Kat relationship was said to be when Katrina signed Rajkumar Santoshi’s film opposite Shahid Kapur. Salman was very upset as he does not share a good rapport with Shahid. There was talk that Salman approached Santoshi to shelve the film. Katrina confirms that the film is not happening right now, she states “Santoshi has this thing of going back and forth on his films and I don’t have dates till April. As for whether Shahid will do the film, I think you should ask him.”

Katrina does not wish to dwell too much on her personal life, but would prefer too highlight her professional life. However regarding standing by Salman during his time in prison, she stated “What one has to do in circumstances when one has no choice is another thing. If I have something to fulfill in my personal life, the media cannot stop me.” Katrina’s next film release is ‘Welcome’ where she once again stars opposite Akshay Kumar. Katrina is excited about the film and states “I play Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor’s sister, they both are flirtatious dons. But when I fall in love with Akshay, they are not too happy about it.” There was also buzz that Katrina did not get along with her female co-stars like Mallika Sherawat in Welcome and Bipasha Basu in Race. Katrina merely replies “Small things keep happening, but I am a professional, and if the role is good I would love to work with them again.”

Katrina’s forthcoming films include Anees Bazmee’s Welcome, Ramesh Taurani’s Race; Singh is King with Akshay, a Yash Raj film with Ranbir Kapoor and Mein Yuvraj opposite Salman Khan. There is also talk that Salman and Katrina will make separate guest appearances in Atoll Agnihotri’s film Hello. However Katrina denies being approached for a guest appearance in the film.