BIRATNAGAR: Former prime minister and Nepali Cogress president Girija Prasad Koirala today returned to the capital, cutting short his stay in Biratnagar.

Koirala had arrived in Biratnagar at 5:30 pm yesterday and was scheduled to return to Kathmandu on Friday morning, said Amrit Aryal, NC Morang president. “We don’t know why he left early. He seemed a little agitated and left suddenly,” he added.

Koirala was scheduled to meet party activists and members of the civil society this evening. He was scheduled to meet journalists on Friday morning.

“The party president was in a sour mood since Wednesday evening. He was not even keen to meet mediapersons,” a source close to Koirala said. He added that hundreds of party activists were awaiting to meet him outside

his residence this morning but he never came out

of his room.

The source added that Koirala had expressed dissatisfaction over cabinet expansion and appointment of envoys to UN and three countries. “Koirala was angry as the government took both the decisions while he was in Biratnagar,” the source added. He said Koirala was miffed at the PM for taking vital decisions without consulting him. Koirala was bitter as those who were against allotting the post of deputy prime minister to the Nepali Congress were given ministerial berths in the

expanded cabinet, said

the source.

Meanwhile, talking to mediapersons at Biratnagar airport today, Koirala said the tenure of the coalition government depends on the performance of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.