KATHMANDU: The Maoists cadres on Monday have set free the buses they had seized in Kavre after the transport company has reportedly agreed to pay Rs 5,000 per bus in donation.

It is reported that both the two sides held a negotiation and settled the issue Monday morning.

Eight buses affiliated with the Araniko Yatayat Sewa Samiti were seized Saturday night in Kosipari area.

The report also says that the Maoist cadres earlier had asked the bus owners to pay Rs 50,000 per bus in donation for their ongoing agitation purpose.

The owners however declined the demand saying it was too hefty an amount, ultimately prompting the Maoists to the seizure.

On the other hand, the Maoists have been denying their hand in the extortion spree.
With their agitation progressing ahead, the Maoists have resorted to forced donation from locals, businesspersons, teachers, daily-wage workers and others in the area, the report said.