Squash all rumors that say Meera is packing bags to Dubai. Her spokesperson informed us of recent that the Pakistani actor had no such plans and that the news was purely a job of mischief makers.

“Instead, Meera is very keen on making Bollywood her future and has serious intentions of settling down in Mumbai. Infact she has even begun house-hunting. It is true that the actor bought a place in Dubai but that is all there is to it.

"She has no plans of shifting there. When you have Mahesh Bhatt launching you in Bollywood, why would you want to throw it all away?” he ended.

That we quite agree, Nazar might not be a blockbuster but that doesn’t stop Meera from being a contender to our Bollywood beauties. We think the lady is as talented as she is pretty and this view is also shared by the discreet Shobha De.

The actor has Kasak opposite Lucky Ali and Mukesh Bhatt’s next on her palette right now. This reminds us of another beauty, Vasundhara Das who says she’s now tired of living out of suitcases and plans to settle in Mumbai, Lokhandwala is where you’ll probably find the hazel-eyed. Saif’s paramour, Rosa too is believed to be staying close by.

With this sudden import of these beauties, feels like Mumbai has just gone in for a ‘face-lift’.