KATHMANDU: Music has the power to touch the heart and captivate the soul of all living beings. It simply transfers you to a different world. One such musical journey ‘Romantic Musical Eve’ was organised on April 9 at the Hotel Shahenshah International.

Overflowing with music lovers of all ages, the hall witnessed a huge turnout for the evening. The evergreen voice of the couple Uday and Manila Sotang mesmerised the audience with some of their golden numbers. Romantic numbers are their forte especially in duets, which really became a huge hit of the evening. They performed 15 songs from their golden collection like Hajar juni samma, Maya na mara, Kaha pokhinchha aasu, Aaja timro kura chalyo, Aadhi bato hirey paachi, Maan ko jalan, Bhijyo sirani raat ma, Waari maa khola paari maa khola, Timi bina bachhna garo bho, Chhinchhin mai hasna maan lagchha, and others. The duo is always in perfect sync with each other where each shines and gains in stature due to the presence of the other.

There was also a special fusion performance by none other than the guitar maestro Anil Shahi. A flawless performance by Shahi along with his band members took the spectators by awe. He created magic as his strings brilliantly merged with other instruments like tabala, flute, drums, clarinet, et cetera. The trio succeeded in turning the evening into a romantic and musical one, while the hall reverberated with the clamour and claps of the audience.

Hema Manandhar, chairperson of Nepalese Fashion Home that had organised the programme, shared, “The programme was organised to welcome the Nepali New Year 2067 BS through music and songs.”