KATHMANDU: The MJF faction led by Deputy Prime Minister Bijayakumar Gachhadar on Saturday urged the UML and the NC to include his party as well in the ongoing power-sharing deal for the new cabinet.

Speaking at a press conference after the party’s CC meeting in the capital, he said, “Cabinet expansion should be given final shape only after holding discussion with us on it.” “The NC and UML have not consulted with us regarding the allocation of portfolios as yet,” he added.

He said that the contribution of the Terai parties including the MJF in the formation of the government could never be undermined. As such, the home portfolio should go to any of those parties, he argued. He made it clear that the party would have to reconsider their decision to join the government if the major coalition partners the UML and NC keep important ministries for themselves. He however assured that the party’s support to the government would continue even if they should have to stay out.

DPM Gachhadar also justified his rising against the party, saying MJF chief Yadav had been in leadership through illegitimate means. He also accused Yadav of trying to be ‘autocratic’ inside the party.