KATHMANDU: Neydo Tashi Choling Monastery on the top of Shokhel Bhanjang at Pharping stands with mighty grace waving sacred prayers. The gigantic construction that was initiated from February 2001 now has completed into a masterpiece of Tibetan architecture engraved with sublime artistry.

Karma Chagme Rinpoche, the head monk in the monastery, is considered to be the 7th reincarnation of Neydo Kagyo lineage that started from 16th century. His main practice is the union of Dzongchen and Mahamudra on which he has written many books. Both sects of Buddhism, Kagyu and Nyingma follow his holy teachings. Besides his regular name, he is also known as Raga Asya and the emanation of Amitabha Buddha.

Built on a total area of 34 roppanies, this monastery is considered to be the biggest in Nepal. With all the required amenities as monk quarter, a guest house, a school and even a canteen for visitors, the monastery seems a perfect seclusion for every wisdom seeker. Inside the monastery, three Buddha idols face every prayer in front of the huge hall. The biggest one in the middle is the Amitabha, the right one is the Avaloketesha and the remaining one on the left is the Bajra Pani. “Amitabha Buddha is considered the ruler of the mythical pure land. It is believed that to be on that pure land one has to devote completely to his teachings,” said Dechen Lhamu, general secretary of the monastery foundation. According to Lhamu, the monastery houses the largest golden Amitabha Buddha statue of Nepal which is over 36 feet in height.

Most of the students who have chosen to be a monk are mostly from Himalayan regions. Altogether there are currently 200 monks in the monastery and whoever has the desire to join are most welcome and later on if they are uninterested have the liberty to leave the monastery at any time. The students are mostly between the age of 6 to 14. The student monks are taught by Khempos or Buddhist teachers who have excelled in Buddhism studies. Tibetan, Chinese, English, Nepali and Buddhism studies are taught at the monastery.

According to one of the known monks of the monastery, the main objective behind the establishment of this monastery is

to preach people the righteous ways of Buddhism giving ample space and amenities for their learning, and also that the learned ones can further extend the precious studies to others. The opening of the monastery will be held on June 7, which will continue the following day too.