KATHMANDU: The Central Committee meeting of the Nepali Congress today dwelt on the party’s constitution, NC Vice-President Ram Chandra Poudel’s controversial remark and current political deadlock.
Central Committee member Binaya Dhoj Chand told THT that the meeting got down to the nitty-gritties of finalising the language of
party’s constitution as mandated and approved by the Mahasamiti recently.
He said, “Mahasamti has already approved the constitution but we have to fine tune the language to reflect the spirit of the Mahasamiti meeting.”
In today’s meeting, CC members criticised the recent remark made by vice-president and Parliamentary Party leader Ram Chandra Poudel and sought clarification from him over his comment on party president Girija Prasad Koirala. Poudel had accused Koirala of splitting the party.
CC member Bala Bahadur KC urged Poudel not to make such remarks without backing them with evidence.
Responding to CC members’ queries, Poudel claimed that the media had distorted his statement. The CC members also dwelt on the current political deadlock and party’s strategy to deal with it. Chand said, “NC has decided to wait and watch, as we are still uncertain about the Maoist plan. “