The sexy, glamorous Neha Dhupia has shrugged off her image for now, and we thought it would be timely to ask her the reason for this sudden change. Is Neha Dhupia finally tired of doing bare-dare roles? “I’m tired of anything that gets monotonous,” laughs the actress. “Maybe that’s one of the reasons I am afraid of marriage too. It might sound like a strange co-relation but it is true. So many marriages are on the block because monotony kills it.”

What then would Neha propose as a solution to breaking marriages? “I think we need to get a little conservative as far as marriages are concerned,” replies Neha. “The lack of respect and the idea of not treating marriage like an institution is what’s killing it. We don’t take marriage as seriously as we used to. Infidelity is treated like a status symbol today which is even scarier.”