KATHMANDU: Bimala Rawat, 32, had left Ghorahi, Dang, some four months back in search of a better life for her three young children. She preferred foreign employment in Lebanon to her alcoholic husband and split up.
She worked as a housemaid for a local family in Lebanon city of Beirut. The housemaster last week called Bishnu, a Nepali agent, and informed him that Bimala had hanged herself to death. Bishnu in turn informed the manpower agency in Kathmandu about the incident.
Govinda Rawat, her younger brother, was told that her dead body was being sent to Nepal. To her family’s shock, the body that arrived with Bimala’s passport in the
coffin belonged to an African woman.
Lakpa Norbhu Sherpa, close to the Rawats, claimed that the body wasn’t that of Bimala. “The post-mortem report at TU Teaching Hospital also confirmed that the body didn’t belong to Bimala,” he said, adding that the post-mortem report sent from Beirut didn’t match the one from the Teaching Hospital.
The Foreign Ministry in Beirut has admitted that they sent the wrong body and has asked the Rawats to send the body back. Rawats believe that Bimala never committed suicide in the first place. “She might have been killed or confined at home,” said her brother Govinda.
According to Sherpa, the Foreign Ministry officials were in regular touch with Nepalese Consulate in Beruit to uncover the truth. However, Rawats are yet to be convinced if she actually committed suicide. Bimala had made a call to her family two weeks back. She has not been heard since.