KATHMANDU: After two and half months of book and film tour in 30 districts of Nepal, the touring message van that started from Makwanpur district has finally stepped its brakes here in Kathmandu. With the inauguration of the programme on June 14, the book Never Again, was launched after showcasing the 45 minutes Frames of War documentary film. Before the start of the documentary film, the author of the book, Kunda Dixit, did quote some of his doleful memories while making the documentary that inspired him along with the crew to compile his new book. In a statement released by nepa laya, Dixit said, “The testimonials we gathered, emotions expressed were so raw and so powerful that we felt we have to document them with this book and film to help the peace and reconciliation process.”

A sombre ambience spilt over the crowed hall of Russian Culture Centre at Kamalphokari when the documentary depicted the real life testimonials and dreadful aftermath of the peoples’ war that lasted for ten years of blood shed. The tears in the eyes of the deceased mother, the frowning of the widow and many other unbelievable catastrophes captured by various photographers of Nepal has brought the words of Never Again to life. Never Again is the sequel of the preview book A People War. The book is also printed in Nepali translation named as Feri Yasto Nahos which means let this not happen again. The Frames of War is to be screened at the Russian Culture Centre from June 15 to June 20, at 11 am, 2 pm, 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm. For passes contact 9751083433.