KATHMANDU: Nearly 4 years after the conclusion of the armed conflict, the NA soldiers are forced to live in dreadful conditions with more than the half of them still living in bunkers and trenches.

“Neither the NA senior officials nor the government could be bothered to call the languishing soldiers back to the army barracks,” said an NA source.

The source also added that the state’s apathy to repost those soldiers to their respective barracks has damaged the morale of the soldiers.

It further said the level of frustration has been such that the suicide rate has gone up among the hapless soldiers.

There are more than 100 Forward Operating Bases (FBOs) spread over various places in the country that include, among others, Jog Buda and Amargadi of Dadeldhura district, Lamki and Bhajani of Kailali district, Kolti of Bajura, Dullu and Ranimata of Dailekh, Bhachhek and Hamri of Gorakhpur and Bandipur of Siraha.