If you thought 2008 was the year of Kareena Kapoor then wait till you hear what’s in store for this stunner in 2009.

“For starters, ” she begins as she packs for her much-awaited week-long vacation in Europe with Saif Ali Khan, “I’ll finally be moving into my new home in January. It’s just a hop and skip away from where I stay on Hill Road in Bandra. I can’t give up being close to my mom and living in Bandra.”

The home in a building called Queen will also have a new apartment for Kareena’s mother. “Of course my mother is moving with me. I can’t live breathe or take one step without my mother. The only difference is she’ll now have a separate apartment. But we’re still on the same floor.”

As for the home that Saif is preparing for the two of them, Kareena shrugs, “That won’t be ready for another two years. That’s how long it’s going to be before we get married anyway. Right now my diary is filled up till 2010. There’s no space for even a runaway marriage.”

Kareena has in fact decided to gift her mom much more than just a new home. She has made her mom a New Year promise.

“No more bikini shots for me. I mean I’m very happy with the kind of attention and adulation I got for getting into a bikini in Tashan. And I wasn’t uncomfortable wearing it. Why should I be? I’ve the physique to carry it off. But that’s it.

My mother didn’t like me in a bikini. Also the kind of work that I’m doing now in 3 Idiots or Renzil d’Silva’s film doesn’t require that kind of exposure.”

With her super-star daughter being extremely busy with her career and Saif, mom Babita has a lot of time on hand.

“She now does a lot of charity work with charitable institutions like the Mount Mary Old Age Home in Bandra and other places. She’s a very giving woman. I should know. She scarificed her own career and joys to bring up my sister and me.”

Not too many people know Babita is half-Christian.

Reveals Kareena, “Her mother was a Christian and father a Sindhi. So we are as fond of the church as we’re of the temple. Christmas is a big event for us.That’s why I needed to rush home at this time from Philadelphia to be home for Christmas before taking off for my holiday.”

Surprisingly Kareena is full of praise for her supposed arch-rival Priyanka Chopra. “I don’t know why so much is made of our rivalry. We’re in totally difference spaces. She does her own films. I do mine. Whenever we meet she’s really sweet to me. I don’t understand why we’re made out to be two squabbling sirens. Please, we’re grownup women.”

As far as conducting a career goes Kareena’s role- model is Aishwarya Rai. “I love the way she carries herself and the roles she’s choosing after marriage. I’d like to follow that pattern when I get married.”

But that’s a long way off. At the moment Kareena is just happy being with Saif.

“He may appear to be very volatile and undecided, just like me. But actually he takes all the right decisions on my behalf. He’s totally into his books while I love films.

I keep him clued in to what’s happening in the industry.Right now we both want to see Ghajini before we leave for our holiday. We’re both Aamir fans. After Ghajini I think the next film Saif will see will be my 3 Idiots. And this time it won’t be for Aamir.”