KATHMANDU: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC)’s desire to purchase new aircrafts has been dashed. In a meeting held at Singha Durbar between the representatives of NAC and Parliamentary Public Accounts (PAC) on Friday, the latter directed NAC to put off all the procedures of purchasing two new aircrafts. However, PAC has said it would look into the matter after it holds parleys with the NAC board of directors, Civil Servants Provident Fund and the Finance Ministry from November 30 and decide further.

PAC chairman Ram Krishna Yadav after the meeting made it clear that PAC was not against purchasing the new aircrafts but urged the NAC officials to make the purchase procedures more transparent. It has been reported that Yadav even directed NAC officials to stop speaking against the PAC in public as it tarnishes its image.

PAC had recalled today’s meeting after NAC defied its earlier pledge to be present with the relevant documents. NAC had decided to purchase two new aircrafts—Airbus A320-200 in 2010 and A330-200 in 2011 after 21 years i.e. after purchasing Boeing 757 in 1988.