SINDULIMADI: Secretary of UCPN- Maoist CP Gajurel said on Tuesday that their agitation is not aimed at toppling down the government but to restore the civilian supremacy.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Revolutionary Journalists’ Association in Sinduli he said, “Only consensus has to be forged. We even have experts who have written the constitution of other countries. If we work days and night, constitution can be written in five days.”

Gajurel admitted that it is not yet time for a new government because there is lack of support from other parties to form a government. But he seemed hopeful of drafting the constitution in the stipulated time frame once there is consensus among the political parties.

Referring to Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s call for revolt after Tihar, he said that the Maoists are ready for a people’s revolt if the “pro-government” parties planned to oppress the Maoists and promulgate the constitution as per their interest.