BIRGUNJ: The political parties are likely to reach a consensus within a week, chairman of UCPN-Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal said in an interaction programme in Parsa on Sunday morning.

Dahal revealed that he and his party members have been engaged in crucial talks with the leaders of the other political parties and further said he would intensify them once he returns to the capital. He also said his party was showing extreme political flexibility and warned his party’s critics not to interpret it as a weakness of his party. He described the present government as a puppet formed through unconstitutional methods and further added that the protest programmes of his party were for civilian supremacy not an outcome of power lust. However, he stressed on the formation of an inclusive government under the leadership of his party.

He backed the UNSG's suggestion on the peace process of Nepal and further said that the UN has been playing a constructive role in the peace process. Any attempt to criticise the UN move was equivalent to protesting the peace process of Nepal, added Dahal. He reiterated his party's view of maintaining equidistant and balanced relations with China and India. He refuted the accusations that his party had illicit relations with Indian Maoists in the present context but revealed that they were in touch during the decade long conflict