KATHMANDU: Artists usually pick up any character to express their artistic themes, but by incorporating images of his
own face in life size canvases, artist Kailash Shrestha has depicted the ‘Silent Flow’. Similarly, artist Sushma Shakya has also
exhibited her creativity through both paintings and installations on ‘Chaitya’. The joint exhibition of these two artists was inaugurated by Australian Ambassador Susan Grace on April 4 at the Siddhartha Art Gallery.
Each painting of Shrestha’s shows a face staring towards the sky and most of the creations have some lines passing across at the top or bottom of the canvas. According to Shrestha, the face conveys the silence while the lines represent the flow and continuity of life.
Though the same image has been portrayed
in every canvas, the artist has succeeded in
creating different impressions in each by changing the angle of view and the light effects. However, all the paintings communicate a calm and silent face no matter which side has been portrayed. Both the sky and the face are monochromatic in these pieces.
Silent Flow XI is the painting in which the artist has managed to give a natural impression by creating the image using white colour.
Briefing about his paintings, Shrestha said, “My paintings in this series reflect a sincere search for truth in openness and the mystery of the sky.”
Cutting the pages of her own personal diary in the shape of a stupa, Shakya has created as many as 108 pieces of stupa silhouettes and pasted them on the walls of the gallery. She has also displayed the diary, out of which those silhouettes have been cut out. In another installation titled Chaitya II, Shakya has suspended nine skeletons of stupas holding a small piece of mirror in front of a life size mirror on a wall.
Explaining her installations, Shakya said, “I have tried to convey that everyone can achieve enlightenment by themselves,” adding that bodily presence of stupa shapes in her diary and small mirrors symbolises the enlightenment.
The exhibition is on till April 21