In today’s business and legal climate, it is important to understand how to effectively deal with employees. Unfortunately, people are often ill-prepared for the manager’s role when they take it on. The workplace climate can be very challenging. There are numerous laws and regulations with which a manager must be familiar.
Much has been written about the differences between being a manager or a leader or a coach. The examination of these titles, and their respective approaches, demonstrates the movement from the depersonalised, patriarchal (or matriarchal) approach of supervision to that of a more supportive and encouraging role. The book shelves in homes, offices and bookstores are lined with ‘How to’ resources. As we awaken to the fact that employees are not children but are adults whose self-esteem can suffer in a stifling and restrictive workplace environment, we realise the responsibility that rests on the shoulders of managers.
Here are few helpful guidelines for managers • You take your employees as you find them. Make sure your interviewing skills are top notch to avoid a hiring mistake.
• Remember that every employee is different and every employee is the same. The basic needs are the same, but how those needs are fulfilled will vary from employee to employee.
• Creating a positive workplace environment takes work, but the rewards are well worth the efforts.
• Always remember the tremendous impact that you have on your employee’s lives. Be aware of how your communication style and attitude can impact them (positively or negatively).
• Don’t take your employees for granted. Remember the words all people like to hear — ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘I appreciate you and the job that you are doing’. — Mary Rau-Foster