KATHMANDU: I mean how stupid can one get? Here we are in October with 113 movies at least to go and I am doing Oscar nominations already. You may brickbat me.

Of course, there is Julie & Julia, which is about Julia Child played by Meryl Streep who brought French cooking to America and popularised it on television and there is Julie who wants to emulate her ideal by creating all 365 dishes. Streep as usual does a stunning performance.

Director’s director Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds has already bagged one award at Cannes for a bad guy in an international cast. Present are Brad Pitt, sporting a Southern drawl and a ridiculous moustache leading a team of Nazi hunters who have to scalp a hundred bad guys each.

Jane Campion directs Bright Star, the tragic love story of 19th century British poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. British star Abbie Cornish who plays Fanny Brawne is seen as Oscar worthy.

Matt Damon plays The Informant directed by Steven Soderbergh which is the story of an executive who helps the FBI expose a price fixing scheme in a huge agribusiness giant. Damon had to put on 30 pounds and sport a goofy moustache. Damon’s Mark Whitacre has delusions to being a superspy. The Informant might sweep gold a plenty.

Shutter Island directed by Martin Scorsese is up for Best Picture, Best Acting and Best Technical Details. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley and is based on a book by Dennis Lehane who wrote two movies that got gold. It is a psychological thriller set at a mental institution on an island; it’s a spooky meditation on madness.

Slumdog Millionaire was an Indian cast directed by a British director. Mira Nair directs Amelia which has Hilary Swank playing Amelia Earhart the pilot who disappeared in the Pacific in 1937 while trying to fly around the world. Also acting are Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor. Amelia has an Oscar buzz for everything.

Nine is an adaptation of the 1982 Broadway musical that tries to follow Fellini’s classic film 8 ½. It’s about a director played by Daniel Day-Lewis trying to make his 9th film and the seven women in his life. Wife Marion Cotillard, Mistress Penelope Cruz, his muse Nicole Kidman, custom designer Judi Dench, his mother Sophia Loren, an American journalist Kate Hudson and a prostitute played by pop star Fergie. It might sweep the board.

Precious is about a fat Harlem teenager and Mo’Nique as her vicious mother. Mo’Nique might get gold as might the picture.

The sentimental weepy The Lovely Bones is being made by Peter Jackson to be released in December and tells the story of a girl played by Saoirse Ronan who’s raped and murdered at 14 by her neighbour Stanley Tucci and she watches from a heaven like place as her father Mark Wahlberg, mother Rachel Weisz and grandmother Susan Sarandon attempt to find the killer. The bets are on several Oscars.

Matt Damon is in another movie Invictus about Nelson Mandela, the word means undefeated and is about a rugby game that made Mandela’s country a nation in the spotlight. Directed by Clint Eastwood it might get Morgan Freeman playing Mandela a bit of gold for Best Acting also Best Picture and Best Tech effects.

Last but nowhere near the least is James Cameron’s first directorial feature since Titanic and it’s called Avatar and it’s 3D sci-fi adventure set on a planet Pandora and it could win star Sam Worthington the gold man and lots of gold men for the tech details.