LONDON: Ozzy Osbourne once presented her with a bouquet of flowers, which he had stolen from a graveyard.
The Black Sabbath rocker left wife Sharon furious when he presented her with the bouquet — only for her to notice there was a card attached reading ‘In loving memory of Mary’.
He said, “I had gone out on the p**s and it was late and I went into a graveyard and nicked some flowers off a freshly-dug grave. Then I forgot to take the card off. That went down like a pair of knickers. ‘Oh thank you for the flowers... you f***er.’”
Ozzy quit drinking 20 years ago but he admits he still advises young, nervous rockers to consume alcohol before going on stage. He said, “I’m hopeless at giving anybody advice in that regard. When we do Ozzfest some of the younger bands come up to me for advice. I still find myself saying, ‘Have an extra drink before you go on’, because that’s what I used to do.”
The 60-year-old rocker now leads a healthier lifestyle and has replaced his addictions with an obsession with exercise.