The unsavoury friendship between Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is heir today and gone tomorrow.

The slummy mummy and the Twit Girl became a menace to society following the pop tart’s split from Kevin Federline, 28.

But 25-year-old Brit has finally ditched the party monster, insisting that she’s a bad influence.

Britney’s representative said: “Britney had fun with Paris. But she wants to focus on her family and career now.”

Britney’s public image has sunk lower than her chesticles since she befriended The Simple Life star.

In their brief but intense chum-in, Brit flashed both her lady garden and her mammaries, got thrown out of strip bars, drank her body weight in booze and cavorted with America’s entire supply of menfolk.

But for once Paris isn’t taking something lying down, so she’s retaliated by withdrawing Brit’s invitation to the Vienna Opera Ball.

The blonde minx originally asked wealthy industrialist Richard Lugner and his missus Christina to let her take Britney along to their lavish Austrian shindig.

But Paris, 25, is so angry with her latest nemesis that she has cancelled her invitation to the bash.

Lugner said: “Paris is a very good advertisement for the Opera Ball. But she will no longer be joined by Britney.”

Christina added: “They unfortunately do not get on any more. But Paris is very happy.”

But an insider said: “Brit and Paris might be over but the feud isn’t finished. Britney is a secret opera fan and she’s furious Paris has had her uninvited.”