Passion is a basic force that leads a person on the path of success. It would be absolutely incorrect to dream of success in any field in the absence of passion. If we closely watch the professional field, people having passion for their job are found delivering services in a satisfactory manner. There are certain conditions when pressure from elders also works wonderfully and helps a person to achieve what s/he has desired. For instance, students often fail to understand which path they should follow and which stream they should join. At such a time elders and seniors can guide them and put a bit of pressure on them to choose subjects which they feel would be good for a better future of their children. While doing so seniors should be aware of the fact that the subject chosen by them matches the interest and capacity of the child. I have seen several parents who have ruined the future of their children in the quest of fulfilling their own dreams of seeing their children earning a degree as a doctor or engineer. In my opinion, passion is the first and foremost condition to achieve success in any field. So, far as pressure is concerned, while due pressure may help achieve success, undue pressure could turn counter productive.
— Ambika Pandey,
n Passion, undoubtedly, is the first step towards success. Without a profound desire, drive and passion, the attainment of success is next to nil. One needs to have that 'fire' in oneself to achieve the impossible. And that fire, my friend, is passion.
So one may think, why the need for pressure? Does it hold any importance in the process of success? And the answer is a big 'YES'. Let me give an apt example to support my stance.
A student may have the desire to achieve 80 per cent. But does he have all the time to do so? Absolutely not! The number of days left for the examination is the only time he's got. And this time constraint, in this case, is the pressure. So, the student now needs to realise this time pressure and manage and organise his study time accordingly. If he fails to do so, he'll succumb to the time pressure, and then the passion, no matter how strong, would do him no good.
Passion provides a drive to your heart but pressure prepares and strengthens your mind. And a good co-ordination of your mental, emotional and physical state is a perfect recipe for success.
— Avishek K Karky

Success does not knock your door but you must go after it with immense passion and one should have clearly focused goals in one's mind. You must have the passion for your routine work and should develop a habit to complete it on time. The more perfection you show in your work, sooner or later success will be at your feet. I take the job accomplished under pressure as a duty, which does not necessarily mean achieving success. Sometimes, people have to work under seniors' pressure and at odd hours and it's an opportunity to show one's ability to seniors. However, it's not rational to co-relate job accomplished under such condition as success, unless the company follows proper management rules and takes consideration of one's talent in the assigned work.
I feel that people in an organisations should be assessed using SWOT analysis. It helps management know the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. By analysing weakness, personnel lacking opportunities and threats they have, management can take corrective measures and help personnel excel in their field. Therefore, proper assessment of personnel is a must thus by analysing weakness of personnel they should provide appropriate training and help them achieve success.
— Ranju Shrestha
n It is rightly said that passion is the key to success. But there are some people who have been successful by working under pressure with passion. So, I think it depends from person to person. Passionate people love their work so much that they don't need people to push them or pressurise them. They are strong willed to accomplish their work. Nonetheless, I can give you an example of myself who had a relevant experience. It was a hope to live up to or encouragement more than mere pressure for me. Marking their words in my mind and working hard culminated successfully. And it made them happy which in return gave me pleasure and satisfaction. So, don't you think in my case it was a necessity. And there are many similar cases like mine.
— Aanchal Chaudhary

Success or failure depends on how much s/he is loyal towards his/her work. Passion develops this loyalty in a person. For example, if a student has a passion for studies, s/he does not need to make routines to make himself/herself concentrate on study. Because passion develops self-inspiration in him/her and s/he can study with a great zeal and interest. But a student can never study well under pressure. If parents put strong pressure on him/her, s/he will not study whole-heartedly. A student who has the passion can and is not under any pressure can study with an innovative mind. Therefore, the sole need for success is passion; not pressure.
— Dev Raj Adhikary

Passion is the key to success. It is passion that makes us focused and determined in what we want to do. Its passion that creates extreme joy within ourselves while planning, decision making and performing what we have to do. But sometimes of course pressure by our seniors does turn out to be successful. It is true to a certain percent. But, pressure always creates force, and forcefully people cannot develop passion. That's why most work done under pressure is unsuccessful. But sometimes people develop passion for pressurised work gradually when they accept the fact that its human nature and ones mind is flickering, one never knows when dislikes turn out to be to ones liking slowly. However, it's true without passion success is miles away.
— Sanjay

"Passion is key to success indeed." Passion arises when there is a challenge and challenge either is from pressure or competition. According to me, some kind of pressure with passion is necessary to be successful. As success is incomplete without happiness, and achievement with pressurised passion is more satisfactory then achievement through passion only, as I said pressurised passion is type of challenge and if a person is successful in completing his challenge he is highly satisfied.
— Dipti Mittal

There's a famous saying, "Where there is a will, there is a way." And will is there where there is a passion. Passion, a powerful attitude motivator leads to undoubted success. No matter how hard the task is, keen interest on that task will help to accomplish that task easily and efficiently. In some cases, works accomplished under pressure from our seniors or our friends leads us to success. But, I believe, they are just exceptions. I think, pressure creates unnecessary irritations, and furthermore obstructs our tasks. So, pressure in work rather leads to regretful consequences than success. So, passion is undoubtedly sufficient to succeed in our task. Moreover, admiration and enthusiasm on that task increases gear of our speed towards success.
— Neeshan Thapa,
Don Bosco School
n It's totally agreeable that passion is the only key to success. According to me, passion is the force within us which drives us through all hardships with alacrity to meet our goal. A thirsty bird flies miles for quenching its thirst likewise passion is the fuel which is always ignited within us and never ends until we kiss our terminus. If we have passion to achieve something then until and unless we achieve that thing we will not see happiness. Though sometimes people do achieve their goals without having passion under the pressure of their parents but the glory of the success we get at the end varies completely. What happiness will be there in people doing hard work under pressure without any interest in the subject? Though there are many examples and so called successful people made by the pressure but the gratification and self-satisfaction will be lacking in them. So, passion driven felicity is far more better than the pressure driven felicity. The one who touches the sky working hard with passion is the real hero and an example for society. The success at the end doesn't really matter, what matters most is the happiness you get on the way to success, which is always there with people having passion to work.
— Piyush Ram Soti,
Vijayawada, India

Passion without guidance or pressure from seniors is incomplete or obstinate to have a success in one's work. It lies dormant without seniors' cooperation or guidance to make it a success. Guidance from seniors along with passion will make one's work successful without fail, simply because it will keep one's work in the right place and will make one be able to reach one's destination. So, just passion is not sufficient to get success in work or life. Senior people are more experienced and they can show them the right path. So, their passion and guidance from seniors will make it very easy for them get to reach their destination.
— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha , Kupondol

To do any kind of job first we need passion, I think passion generates interest, and interest propels people to walk on their chosen path and finally you get success. During the walk lies the importance of pressure. Passion to achieve is very important because it never lets anyone give up and even if at first attempt one faces failure. When the first step is crossed then the path to be walked on is very long, it is the most difficult one. By listening to others and getting negative feedback on ones work sometimes we get the feeling to stop as we find ourselves going nowhere, there is no end, no exit so we need pressure to move on. Pressure from family and guardians, but in a right way is required, otherwise it may turn frustrating for anyone. If you want to put pressure, give it indirectly focusing mostly on invested time, money, labour and show the person the way to success, let them picturise the achievement and try to make them dream about it, as this type of pressure works. It is more than an energy tonic. Pressure should be given only by the people whom s/he likes most, who is inspirational for them.
— RP Rajendra

In my opinion, pressure is necessary from seniors to achieve success. There is always a feeling that work under pressure must be completed. So, we are always compelled to do the work if we are under pressure. Sometimes, only passion does not work, in such situations, pressure from seniors persuades somebody to do something. But the work done under too much pressure may distract our mind.
— Bibha Dahal,
Tribhuwan University

It is rightly said that passion is the key to success. But in my opinion passion is a necessary but not a sufficient enough condition for achieving success in any work. We need help of our seniors in many things we do. Slight pressure from friends and family is essential. To be successful both passion and hard work are essential. External pressure has a small role in making it a success but sometimes even small things matter a lot. Pressure is required for people who do not take their work seriously. Such people even if they are capable are not successful due to their own negligence. But for serious people instead of pressure positive motivation guides them towards success. In my opinion passion with some pressure and positive motivation guides us towards success.
— Subash Poudel