KATHMANDU: Spokesperson of Peoples Liberation Army of the UCPN- Maoist Chandra Prasad Khanal 'Baldev' vented ire against the senior leaders for portraying the PLA personnel as criminals.

"If PLA members are criminals, top leaders Girija Prasad Koirala should be executed and Madhav Nepal be jailed as they had led the revolutions in the country earlier," said Baldev at a function organised to announce the release of disqualified combatants in the capital on Monday.

He claimed that the PLA has decided to release the 4,008 unfit fighters from the camps and cantonments with the suggestions from the UCPN Maoist because the government was not ready to go ahead as per the PLA recommendations.

"We had put forth three proposals to the government--cash incentives with a certain criteria for spending it, purchase land for them so that they can earn their living and invest in cooperatives to ensure employment for them,” he said. “However, all our proposals were rejected including a land purchase in Jumla for apple cultivation,” informed Baldev.

"Since all our proposals were rejected we preferred releasing our fighters unilaterally in a bid to avoid accusations that we spent Rs 800 million allocated for the unfit fighters," Baldev added.

Referring to the Ministry for Peace and Reconstruction plan for providing education and training to the unfit fighters for around six months with no job guarantee, Baldev said, “We believe that the training would be useless as they cannot compete with millions of people who have already received such training and are waiting for jobs."

He further said they would begin releasing the unfit fighters from Sindhuli beginning Thursday. The UNMIN would provide them a maximum of Rs 10,000 each as travel fare to reach their homes.

"We have suggested to the party that it should handle the responsibilities of the fighters and they are now free to choose where they want to go whether to the YCL or other fronts of the party," he said adding, "They can also join the army if PLA happens to announce fresh recruitment."