KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal today said the rumour that he was resigning from the post was baseless.

“I will not resign until the government has majority backing,” he said in a meeting with a team of journalists at his official residence this morning.

The PM also rejected another rumour that the President or the Nepali Army would take over if the constitution were not drafted by May 28. He said no one could roll back the political change in the country. “The rumours of the army takeover and reinstatement of monarchy are baseless,” he said.

The PM said the reactionary forces might have been encouraged by the growing differences among the political parties.

He said the Maoists should stop dreaming that they would capture power.

He hinted that the tenure of the Constituent Assembly could be extended. “If we could prepare a preliminary draft of the new constitution and settle major issues, the tenure could be extended to complete other procedural matters,” he said.

The PM said he had proposed to complete the process of managing Maoist combatants in the next 30 days. “A few teams of the Nepali Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police can be deployed simultaneously to help manage the combatants of 28 cantonments within 30 days,” the PM said.

The PM urged the Maoists to implement the past agreements and return seized properties and to dissolve the paramilitary structure of the Young Communist League. The PM alleged that the Maoists were backing out of their earlier commitment.