KATHMANDU: Responding to UNMIN Chief Karen Landgren’s serious concern about the delayed process of integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal had vowed to hold meetings of the Special Committee on every Sunday.
However, the meeting of SC has not been held for two weeks, as Maoist members refused to attend the meeting citing busy schedule.
International community, including the UN Security Council, has been mounting pressure on the stakeholders to complete the task before UNMIN’s term expires on January 23.
However, there is a slim chance to complete the task by January 23, as there has been little progress in the integration and rehabilitation.
The widening rift between the government and the UCPN-Maoist has affected the process of integration.
A member of SC and a Nepali Congress leader Dr Ram Saran Mahat said Maoists should behave responsibly and cooperate in the integration process, as they are an integral part of it. He said, “ All leaders are in Kathmandu but they are not participating in the meeting. Their intention is doubtful.”
Janardhan Sharma Prabhakar, an SC member belonging to UCPN-M, said.” We had proposed to postpone the date of the meeting but NC and UML went to town saying the Maoists had refused to attend the meeting.” Prabhakar said they would like to attend Sunday’s meeting.
“However, we have not been informed about tomorrow’s meeting,” he added.
He claimed that the political deadlock and the government were
responsible for the delay in the integration process. He said, “The government itself is threatening to mobilise army. In such a scenario, how can the process go ahead smoothly?”
The stalled meeting of the Special Committee has hit the working of the technical committee. The SC term expires on November 30 and may have to be extended.
The technical panel has accomplished the first phase of its task to hold consultations with all concerned. Before starting the second phase, the SC has to pass the code of conduct and mechanism to bring the Maoists under the command and control of SC.