NEW YORK: Prince Charles has inked a two-book deal with HarperCollins in which the heir to the throne laments man's loss of harmony with the surrounding world, the publishers said on Monday.

The book, titled 'Harmony' argues that "in our relentless pursuit of economic growth and technological progress we have become dangerously disconnected from Nature," a statement from HarperCollins said.
"As humanity faces the multiple challenges of climate change, ecological destruction, economic instability and continuing human poverty, 'Harmony' encourages us to restore the lost balance."
The publishers did not say how much the deal was worth. The book is tentatively planned for publication next year, with a picture book version in 2011.
Charles, 60, has won plaudits -- and some controversy -- for his outspoken support of traditional values and eco-friendly management of natural resources.
The prince said humanity had "a sacred duty of stewardship of the natural order of things" and needed to stop seeing "the world as some sort of gigantic production system, capable of ever-increasing outputs for our benefit -- at no cost."