KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal on Thursday said peace of mind, prosperity and liberation can be obtained if one can keep within the parameters of truthfulness, good conduct and self-discipline through Yoga.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of Yoga Bigyan Shibir conducted by noted Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev at Tundikhel, PM Nepal said, “One can learn from the Sadhana and Yoga as preached by Swami Ramdev that nothing is impossible if one acts with purity of heart and pensive mind.”

The PM said Swami Ramdev through his discourses and preaching laid emphasis on several topics including attaching highest importance to national interest and national duty by rising above all kinds of malevolence by reposing faith on humanitarian values and on patriotism, culture, civilisation and fellow citizens.

“We can learn from Swami Ramdev that we should have deep feelings of love and respect for the native land and highest sensitivity to national pride,” he said.

Stating that the Yoga taught by Swami Ramdev emphasises on keeping people both physically and mentally healthy, PM Nepal said that Ramdev focused on transformation of society and the nation by means of Yoga.

“Friendship, compassion, love, goodwill, determination, commitment and consciousness are the basic characteristics of Swami Ramdev,” the PM opined.

He expressed gratitude to Swami Ramdev for his efforts towards giving Yoga training to people, making them fit and promoting peace, prosperity and happiness by opening Yoga centres in different places including Mandikhatar, Dhulikhel and Syangja.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Justice Ram Prasad Shrestha said, “Yoga science is not only beneficial for maintaining health but it is a source of knowledge for attainment of the spiritual goal in life.”

People from all walks of life including top leaders of major political parties, high-ranking government officials, industrialists, businessmen, artistes, media persons and general public had attended the weeklong Yoga instruction camp organised by Nepal chapter of Patanjali Yogapeeth.

Chief of Patanjali Yogapeeth Nepal and coordinator of the Yoga Camp Management Committee, Shaligram Singh said 39,000 people took part the camp which had started on Saturday.