Bollywood is rife with rumours that Rani Mukherjee is going around.

And the man allegedly involved with Rani is none other than producer director Aditya Chopra.

Though Rani and Aditya have denied their relationship but the affair is still on and going strong.

According to sources, "A couple of weeks ago Adi dropped in to meet Rani and they spent three days together at the Radisson Hotel in New York.”

“When the entire unit was shifting from New York to Connecticut, Rani delayed her move, as she wanted to spend time with Adi. It was very secretive and even the hotel management was specifically warned not to speak about them,” the sources added.

Aditya is currently separated from his wife Payal Chopra and she has even moved out of the family home.

His father Yash Chopra and mother Pamela are against this relationship.