Rani Mukherji has been ousted from Nestle Munch ads. This comes as a shock for the actress who did not have a good run at the box office for some times now.

The Rani, Nestle Munch partnership began four years ago in the year 2004 when Nestle wanted to be known as a bubbly brand. At that time it could not zero in on another face who could propel its image and increase sales except Rani.

Rani Mukherji ads for Nestle Munch were extremely popular among kids and also very live. Now the company is zeroing on a South Indian actress who recently made her debut in Bollywood.

Some one said that the company refused to extend its association with Rani as some wrinkles had appeared on her pretty face. Saying such rubbish things about one of the best and most gifted actresses in the country is nothing but a way of undermining women and their competency. Unfortunately this comes naturally to us Indians.

There are speculations that Rani was shown the door as most of her films bombed on the box office. There are others who say that Nestle felt Rani was too old for their image and hence they want to opt for a younger face.

Munch is the second largest brand in the chocolate based confectionery segment in India. It is also the largest selling SKU in the industry. Munch was launched in 1999 by Nestle to counter the brand Picnic from Cadbury. But now Munch survived and Picnic is dead.