Oprah’s Book Club

A monthly book highlight including author interviews. Its popularity caused featured books to shoot to the top of bestseller lists, often increasing sales by as many as a million copies at its peak. It was suspended in 2002 and returned in 2003, now featuring more classic works of literature, with reduced selections per season.
What’s The Buzz?

Winfrey introduces up-and-coming public figures generating industry buzz but not otherwise widely known. In what several media commentators have labelled The Oprah Effect, people appearing on this segment such as Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx and singer James Blunt have benefited from the extra publicity the show brings

Remember Your Spirit

Premiering and most popular during the mid-1990s, recurring guest and self-described spiritualist Iyanla Vanzant emphasised the importance of self-affirmation and intrinsic worth.

Oprah’s Favourite Things

Usually airs during the holiday shopping season or at the beginning of spring. Items personally favoured by Winfrey are given away to the audience. Certain episodes feature select groups of people; in 2005’s Christmas edition Hurricane Katrina volunteer workers appeared in the audience.

Tuesday With Dr Oz

Mehmet C Oz, MD, the Ivy-League educated head of cardiac surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NYC and better known to millions of Winfrey’s viewers as ‘Dr Oz’, regularly appears on Tuesdays.

Wildest Dreams

The Wildest Dreams tour fulfils the dreams of people reported to her by producers, found mostly from viewers who write in to the show. The dream of a new house, an encounter with a favourite performer, or a guest role on a popular TV show is taken care of.