KATHMANDU: Agitating resident doctors at the Bir Hospital today halted emergency services as well, violating the Essential Services Act.
Dr Arbin Joshi, spokesperson for the Residents’ Association of National Academy of Medical Sciences, said they halted the services as per the protest programme announced earlier in case the government failed to address their demands. He said the doctors would continue the protest until all their demands were met. They have been protesting for the last eight days.
Dr Joshi said they had informed Dr Praveen Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of
Health and Population, about their demands and had sought to implement the agreement that they had inked with the present team of NAMS four months ago. He said they were yet to hear from Dr Mishra.
Though NAMS had called the resident doctors for talks to resolve the crisis thrice, Dr Joshi said they wanted the solution at ministerial-level.
Dr DP Singh, chief of
the emergency ward at the hospital, said resident doctors’ strike would surely have some effect the emergency department functioning. The effect of their strike was not very apparent today, as due to the bandh few people visited the hospital.
Some 200 resident doctors of the hospital have been seeking reduction of the
fee that has been increased from Rs 1,100 to Rs 4,000 for the students who joined NAMS through government scholarship programme. They are demanding to
roll back the dual agreement by NAMS in providing new cabins to them.