People normally try to walk their talk, but Sameera Reddy is an actress who actually walks her sleep.

In case you are trying to figure out what this means, Sameera is a somnambulist. Which means she walks in her sleep. It is a condition she has reportedly had from her childhood.

The actress tells a tabloid that her condition has given many sleepless nights to her parents. Sameera’s house is on the ninth floor and she would often walk in her sleep close to big windows beyond which lay a deadly fall. So her parents put up grills and got the windows locked.

Not just her parents, Sameera has freaked out many of her co-stars during the shoots outside Mumbai.

Once, she recalls, she and her co-stars had a conversation about ghosts before going to sleep. But after she dozed off Sameera began talking in her sleep and spooked everyone around.

On another occasion, an ‘asleep’ Sameera tried to break the lock of her door in the middle of the night and woke up the entire crew.

The actress says she has undergone medical treatment for somnambulism, but now she has learnt to live with her condition.