No one expected a kiss from Dev Anand at 82 but the evergreen star has just pulled it off with his sheer grit in his recent release Mr Prime Minister.

This has been the first time Dev Saab has locked lips on screen, and he is not coy about it. He defends his kisses with Khursheed Khurody, who plays his wife, as a very natural thing to have happened in the film.

Says Dev Saab, “I play Khursheed’s husband. She is a foreigner and I am a modern man. We have been separated for a long time. When we meet after a long gap, a kiss or two is bound to happen. In fact, people should have been questioning me if a kiss hadn’t happened.”

“I go by realism. The situation demanded that we kiss, so we did it. The kiss was not inserted just for the heck of it,” he adds.