Pigeons are grain eaters. Most feed stores stock an adequate mix for them. Depending upon the time of year and whether breeding youngsters or not, the birds usually need to be given a mix which ranges between 12 per cent and 17 per cent protein. Protein percentages higher than that for long periods of time often lead to gout or other problems for the birds. Pigeons also need a mineral grit mixture.

Pigeons also need clean water daily. All three items are usually fed separately. Pigeons appreciate green food as romaine lettuce, et cetera but this is not necessary and millions of birds have been reared without it. It is essential that every effort is made

to keep the water, feed and grit clean with no contamination allowed. If this is done, pigeons are extremely hardy animals. If not, the breeder is leaving his stock open to various bacteriological and parasitic infections.

The most important requirement as to pigeon housing is that the interior always be kept dry. Dampness brings disease. They need more boxes than one might think. Once a male pigeon claims a nest box and settles his wife in, he will most likely head off to raid and steal the boxes of others.

A good idea is to make the boxes in pairs, with a running board that extends right in front of both compartments and a barrier between each pair of boxes.