KATHMANDU: A meeting of State Restructuring and Distribution of Power Committee on Tuesday decided to reccommend a special provision for Dalits and other marginalised communities in the new constitution. The decision was made after the members of the committee representing the different parties agreed on the draft submitted by the sub committee of the State Restructure Committee under the CA. Under the new provision the marginalised communities would be granted three percent quota at the central level and five percent in the state level while in the other sectors it will be based on the population ratio..

Meanwhile, the ruling party-UML on Tuesday in the same meeting tabled a concept paper which proposed 15 states—five in Tarai and ten in Hills and Mountains once the country adopts federalism. The five states in the Tarai regions comprise Mithila, Bhojpura, Birat, Lumbini and Tharuhat while the ten states of the Hills and Mountains are Newa, Tamuwan, Kirat, Limbuwan, Gandaki, Sunkoshi, Karnali, Magarat, Tamsaling and Khaptad.