KATHMANDU: Marking the ‘people’s movement day,’ the main opposition party, Unified-CPN-Maoist, today said it has begun a movement to topple the ‘puppet’ government in order to draft timely statute and end the peace process.
“This is just the beginning of a decisive movement and not the end of the fourth phase of our agitation. We will launch a stern movement next time and the last one will be bigger than the biggest movement ever,” said UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda.’ He was addressing a joint mass meeting at Khula Manch here.
The movement will continue until the incumbent
government falls and a new national unity government
is formed, the former Prime Minister said.
He said the government has defamed the nation in the international arena.
Prachanda repeatedly claimed that their movement was not against India and also that the party had no differences with officers and cadets of the Nepali Army.
“Some people claim that the army is preparing to fight
the Maoists, but I believe that the Nepali Army and the Nepali people (Maoists) should unite for Nepal’s integrity and independence.”
According to him, the
issues of a Hindu state has been oft floated to crush
their movement for national independence.
He said leaders who earlier put a price on Maoist
leaders’ heads are now voicing against republic, secularism and federalism.
The peace process will end within a month and a new constitution be had in one-and-a-half months once a national unity government is formed, he claimed.
He also stressed the need for “political will power” among parties to accomplish the twin tasks of drafting the constitution and taking the peace process to a logical conclusion.
“It is clearly stated in the 12-point agreement that the nation will be restructured on the basis of ethnicity, region and gender, but the incumbent government is doing nothing for the past 10 months,” he said, adding that the parties were more interested in dissolving the Constituent Assembly (CA) instead of drafting the statute.
He also condemned the
government for granting
the contract to print Machine Readable Passports (MRP)
to India, and said the
government shamelessly grabbed the right of the Parliament on such an issue.
“No nation in the world gives passport printing contracts to a neighbouring country,” he said, adding, “Even Bhutan has given the contract to France”. This proves
that this government is indifferent to national security. The special right of the parliament has been taken away and the people have the right to oust this government by filing a case against it.
The party is scheduled to organise similar mass demonstrations throughout the country to mark International Workers Day on May 1.