An interesting incident happened when Tanushree Dutta was shooting for Vishram Sawant’s movie Risk.

Although Tanushree doesn’t have a big role in the action-packed film, she does play an important character that provides moral support to the hero Randeep Hooda . Tanushree has also shot an item song called “Hichki” in the film.

It was during the shoot of this song that Tanushree reportedly encountered a scorpion. When she was ready for the shot and sitting on the dance floor waiting for the director to be ready, she saw a scorpion that someone had placed near her foot. She was required to shoot a portion of the song with the scorpion.

Convinced that it was a fake scorpion, Tanushree fiddled with the creature with her foot. After a few minutes, much to her shock, the scorpion moved and Tanushree leapt on her feet and ran away.

One of the production assistants then came and put the scorpion in a glass tumbler. The creature was released only before the shot was to be taken.

And despite her fears Tanushree did shoot with the scorpion. After all, life mein risk to lena padta hai.