KATHMANDU: A courageous story of the Sherpas who fight their way to reach the peak of Mount Everest shouldering the responsibility of the other climbers is worthy enough to be put on reel. An award-winning documentary film Sherpas - The True Heroes of Mount Everest directed by Frank Senn, Hari Thapa and Otto C Honegger was screened at the Nepal Tourism Board on April 2 by the Contemporary Vision to mark the release of the film’s Nepali version.

Present at the screening were Ang Tshering, Sherpa President of Nepal mountaineering Association, Elisabeth Von Capeller,

head of Cooperation Swiss Agency for development and cooperation, and Apa Sherpa, who has climbed the Everest 19 times and will

be making this twentieth attempt this season. The film has already been released in English and German versions.

Already the winner of the best film at the Kathmandu International Mountaineering Film Festival 2009, this documentary opens up a new dimension and unveils the fabulous life history of the Sherpa mountaineers. Every individual Sherpa mountaineer has his own tale to tell on what compels them to undertake such a dangerous task. Earning a sum of around $4,500-5,000, they risk their lives climbing the Everest to and fro with the necessary equipment and luggage of the climbing troupes and acting as a guide and helper to them. Battling the extreme cold, the harsh and unpredictable weather, risking their lives just to earn a living is the story of every Sherpa. The journey is tough and the Sherpas are considered even tougher and most appropriate for this task.

This 95-minute long movie shows that the only things that keep these Sherpas going are their family, faith in God and passion.

Norbu Sherpa, one of the mountaineers expressed, “I am extremely happy after the filming of this documentary. This will deliver the Nepali people an idea as to how difficult this task of climbing is. Our life is dependent on this job. More than profession, it’s the passion that boosts my energy towards this track and I finally got to reach the 8,848 feet high summit of Mount Everest which I consider a great achievement.”